Root Cause Analysis & Causal Chain for Hotel Opening Delays.

By Gert Noordzy

The authors of the Article 'Root Causes of New Hotel Opening Delays in Greater China' used the root cause analysis methodology to determine the basic underlying reasons that cause the problems.

Noordzy's Hotel Opening Delays Root Cause Analysis and Causal Chain
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Root cause analysis (RCA) - A procedure for ascertaining and 'analyzing' the causes of (operations) problems in an effort to determine what can be done to solve or prevent them. When a chain of cause and effect is followed from a known end-state back to an origin or starting point, root causes are found. The usual purpose of attempting to find root causes is to solve a problem that has actually occurred, or to prevent a less serious problem from escalating to an unacceptable level. The basic concept is that solving a problem by addressing the root cause(s) is ultimately more effective than merely addressing symptoms or direct causes.

Causal chain - The sequence of events leading up to some final effect, where each member of the sequence causes its succeeding member to come out.

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