Gert Noordzy

Gert Noordzy, International Hotelier and Hotel Opening ExpertGert Noordzy is an international hotelier and Doctoral Candidate.

He graduated from Hanze College Hotel Management School, Zwolle, the Netherlands and holds an M.B.A. with majors in Finance & Analysis and Strategy & Marketing from the University of Saint Joseph, Macau. Gert is also a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® from PMI.

He has over 20 years professional experience in Greater China and South East Asia and has been involved in opening over 30 new hotels.

Gert first started researching hotel opening processes in 2008. He is based in Macau and has been living in Asia for more than 20 years.

A Few Words About This Site

Hotel Opening processes explores ways to better manage new hotel openings and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the process. This website will focus on Gert's research subjects related to new hotel opening processes.

These include root causes of new hotel opening delays, project management of new hotel opening processes, as well as quantification of new hotel opening delays (research ongoing). A future subject will evolve around the impact of psychological typology and cultural dimensions on new hotel opening processes.

The tour & travel industry is a very large industry internationally. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, it directly contributed over USD2 trillion to the GDP (2.9% of total GDP) and 100 million jobs (3.4% of total employment) in 2012. The 2013 forecast predicts increases of 3.1% in GDP and 1.2% in jobs.

When the wider economic impacts of the industry are taken into account, travel & tourism contributed US$6.6 trillion (9.3% of total GDP) to the global economy and generated 261 million jobs (8.7% of total employment). The 2013 forecast estimates increases of 3.2% in GDP and 1.7% in jobs.

Investment in Travel & Tourism in 2012 was USD 764 billion or 4.7% of total investment. The forecast for 2013 is an increase of 4.2% and the expectation is that this figure will rise by 5.3% per annum over the next 10 years to reach USD 1.3 trillion by 2023 (4.9% of total).

Within this industry, STR Global estimates that there are 187,000 hotels, offering 17.5 million guest rooms globally. Leading providers of global hotel development pipeline data estimate that around 6,300 new hotel projects (containing over 1 million guest rooms) are currently being developed and built globally.

In Asia Pacific, the Chinese hotel industry has started the steepest new hotel development curve the world has ever experienced. By 2039 China is expected to reach 9.1 million hotel rooms, four times its current number.

Development on this scale generates specific dynamics and challenges. Interestingly, there seems to have been relatively little research done to understand the problems in managing new hotel opening projects. There is no conventional literature on hotel opening processes and very few independent articles and reviews on the subject are up to speed.

Hotel Opening Processes endeavours to conduct and publish research in this field and challenges the hotel industry to improve its new hotel opening track record. Initially, the primary focus will be on Greater China.


In view of the anticipated phenomenal growth in China, we asked the question:

'How can hotel operators open new properties on this scale effectively, efficiently, and in a consistent and predictable manner?'

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